Course Outline

1. Introduction to facilitation, or why it is worth using brainstorm
2. Defining customers/users using personalization techniques
3. Defining the problem / challenge - situation client's
4. Identification of business value in the project - requirements and acceptance criteria
– creating User Story Maps using brainstorm techniques

  • identification, definition, decomposition and prioritization of requirements - tools and techniques, e.g. Richard Lawrens, Elephant carpaccio exercise
  • workshop:
    - defining requirements - identifying requirements in the user story formula
    - measurability of requirements and settlement of effectiveness - identification acceptance criteria for a user story
    - prioritization of requirements based on the needs of the project client
    - transfer of requirements - how to ensure that we understand each other - transfer customer needs for a transparent user story

5. Summary - retrospective "start, stop, continue"



  • Experience with designing and/or developing software solutions for customers


  • Developers
  • IT departments managers
  • Project managers, PM
  • Product Owners
  • Marketing department employees
 7 Hours

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