Course Outline


G Suite in Depth

  • What is G Suite?
  • G Suite Admin Console overview
  • G Suite for business vs public G Suite

G Suite Preparation

  • Setting up a domain
  • Configuring the required DNS records'
  • Customizing the Admin Console

Users and Groups

  • Provisioning users
  • Managing users
  • Managing groups

Buildings and Organizational Units

  • Creating buildings and resources
  • Exporting resources
  • Working with OUs
  • Settings with OUs
  • Licensing with OUs

Core Apps and Security

  • Managing Google Cloud products and software
  • Managing keep and sites
  • Configuring device management
  • Using 2-step verification
  • Handling additional domains
  • Working with SSO
  • Managing API client access
  • Using reports and alerts

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of IT and cloud concepts


  • System Administrators
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant

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