Course Outline


  • Why you should know BPMN?
  • BPMN Specification
  • Versions of BPMN
  • BPMN and Business Modeling
  • Basic questions a person working for BPMN

Levels of description of a model in BPMN

  • Descriptive BPMN
  • Analytical BPMN

BPD diagram types

  • Private Process
  • Public Process
  • Collaboration

Role of events

  • Start and End Events
  • Start and End Events used for descriptive modeling
  • Timer Intermediate Event in the flow of normal
  • Link Event (off-page connector)

Activity as work

  • Tasks used in the modeling of the descriptive Sub-types

Controlling Flow Control

  • XOR gate in the descriptive modeling
  • AND gate in the descriptive modeling
  • Uncontrolled flow

Flows in the diagram

  • Sequence flow
  • Flow of messages

Additional objects in the diagram

  • Association
  • Artifacts

Limits and boundaries process diagram

  • Participant
  • Lane

Practical construction process

  • The simplest sequence within the process
  • Creating a negative path
  • Diagram without actors and with actors
  • Looping within a process
  • Communication between processes
  • Indicating unconditional waiting
  • Synchronization of independent paths in a process
  • Synchronization between independent processes
  • Description of the situation “at least one condition is true”
  • Analysis of process scenarios
  • Interruption of the process


  • Understand the business process
  • Basic knowledge of the Windows environment
 14 Hours

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