Course Outline


  • Veeva Commercial Cloud as a Seamlessly Integrated Solution
  • Veeva CRM vs Salesforce

Overview of Veeva Engagement

  • Veeva Multichannel CRM
  • Veeva Digital Events
  • Veeva Align

Working with Veeva Multichannel CRM

  • Engaging with customers
  • Align customer-facing resources
  • Aligning interactions
  • Managing orders
  • Setting up visualizations
  • Tracking performance

Managing Events with Veeva Digital Events

  • Working with event data
  • Creating an events strategy
  • Setting up virtual, live, and hybrid events
  • Ensuring oversight, control, and compliance

Planning and Executing Sales with Veeva Align

  • Aligning territories
  • Managing rosters
  • Collecting feedback from the field
  • Planning targeted activities

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience managing customer relationships
  • An understanding of sales team workflows


  • Account managers
  • Sales managers and team members
  • Customer service managers and representatives
 14 Hours

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