Course Outline


  • Overview of MicroStrategy Architecture

Working with Schema Objects

  • Creating attributes
  • Understanding and creating facts
  • Using logical tables
  • Understanding mapping and using logical sizes
  • Using transformations

Data Warehousing Concepts and Relationships

  • Understanding star and snowflake schema
  • Understanding data warehousing concepts
  • Understanding one-to-one relationships
  • Understanding one-to-many relationships
  • Understanding many-to-many relationships
  • Understanding joint child relationships
  • User hierarchies
  • Logical models

Advanced Concepts

  • Using compound keys
  • Ragged, split, and recursive hierarchy
  • Slowly changing dimensions
  • Using attribute roles and table aliases
  • Creating connections

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of SQL and understanding of business intelligence (BI) concepts


  • MicroStrategy architects
  • BI developers
  • Analysts
 14 Hours

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