Course Outline


  • Improved value
  • Improvement and management
  • Kaizen and Total Quality Control (TQC)
  • Improvement and suggestion system
  • Improvement and competition
  • Process-oriented management and result-oriented management

Comparison between the East and the West

  • Improvement and innovation
  • Improvement and measurement

Improvement from total quality control

  • Quality Control – Quality of Managers
  • Quality Control Methods: Japanese and Western Comparison
  • Follow the PDCA cycle
  • Grassroots improvements


  • Manager-led improvement
  • Improved facilities
  • Team-led improvement
  • Personally Driven Improvement


  • Cross-functional management
  • Policy deployment
  • Quality deployment
  • Total Productive Maintenance

Problem Solving Methods

  • Problems in management
  • Improvement activities and labor-management relations
  • Labor and Capital: Enemies or Allies
  • Senior management commitment

Changing corporate culture

  • Customers: The Ultimate Judge of Quality
  • Supplier relationships change corporate culture: Challenges facing the West.

case analysis

 7 Hours

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