Course Outline


CMake Overview

  • What is CMake?
  • CMake features
  • CMake architecture

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring CMake

CMake Quick Start

  • Adding a version number and configured header file
  • Enabling support for C++
  • Building and testing


  • Adding libraries
  • Adding usage requirements

Installing and Testing

  • Working with install rules
  • Testing the application

System Introspection

  • Adding system introspection
  • Specifying compile definitions

Advanced CMake

  • Adding custom command line and generated files
  • Building installers
  • Adding dashboard support
  • Fusing static and shared
  • Working with generated expressions


  • Packaging debug and release

Deploying the Application

  • Adding export configuration

Securing the Application

  • Hardening CMake builds


Summary and Conclusion


  • C++ programming experience


  • Software Engineers
 14 Hours

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